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Arinitwe Peter
I am an East Afrikan artist seeking social and environmental justice


As a Ugandan artist, I paint about issues affecting our societies’ that are detrimental to the development and progress of our people - from barbaric acts of female genital mutilation to humanity's destruction of our planet and the erosion of Afrikan indigenous culture.

I believe that an artist creates when there is a need to create:  I use mixed media  - from paintings to  public installations, theatrical exhibits and murals - to bring crowds closer to complex issues.


With a Bachelor's Degree in Art & Design in Education from Kyambogo University, Uganda, I have taught in schools and slum communities, and believe art is key to make issues accessible to all, no matter what age, sex or level of education.

The Beat

“Ugandan artist Arinitwe Peter has managed to captivate the audience with his thought-provoking art pieces which talk about the society we live in. His artistic ability shows that art as a form of communication tool can convey elaborate messages in a unique and vivid way.” 

Get in Touch

Please contact me on whatsapp, Gmail or Instagram for more information about my artworks or Plastik Talks 

+256 789 411716

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