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Plastik Talks

Plastik Talks is a registered Ugandan Community-Based Organisation founded by Arinitwe Peter to use visual arts as a way to engage the youth in Uganda to fight for their environment.  We have a physical community centre in Kampala dedicated to cleaning up the environment and showing people how to sort and reuse waste. 

Our motto is 'less talk, more action'. 

Our story

Artivism to beat pollution

We established Plastik Talks in July 2021 on the grounds of a community dumpsite.  In 6 months we cleared the ground the size of a football pitch, and have slowly engaged people living here around need to fight pollution.  

We use 'artivism' to leave lasting messages, running art-based workshops, practical demonstrations, public campaigns using the visual arts, mural paintings and creative installations to engage all no matter age, sex or status.

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